Saraswati Shikshan Sanstha
(Education Society)
Kinwat -431804. Mahahrashtra, India.
Registered Under Act No XXI of 1860 With  Reg.NO NND 3/80 dated 21st Jan 1980

Welcome to  Saraswati Adhyapak Vidyalaya , Kinwat.
(D.Ed. College) ( 70% Reserved for ST)
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Information About Academic Programme
1.        Practical Lession & Observation

        Lession Plan.
        D. Ed. Ist       -        14 Lessions                                 Head of Deptt.
        D. Ed. Ist       -        14 Observations                        Mamidwar S. B.
        D. Ed. IInd     -        24 Practice lessions                Kolharikar V. T.
        D. Ed. IInd     -        24 Observation

2.        Other Practical                Teaching Staff
        Music                                      -        Shirbhate Sir
        Arts                                         -        Chavan Sir
        Social Work                           -        Mamidwar S. B.
        Phycical Education               -        Kolharikar V. T.
        Chatra Sewa Kal                   -        Vaidya N. D.
        (Teacher Training Camp)
        Special Traing work              -        Sartape A. C.
        Works Experience                -        Sou. Pisariwar

3.        Evaluation Method of Students

        1.        Unit Test                -        4 Unit tests for  each subject.
        2.        Frist Term Exam       
        3.        Preminary Exam       
        4.        Semanar
        5.        Annual Examination

4.        Cultural Programme

                Every year we arrange cultural programme, to become good and ideal teacher for that we give chance every student to take a part in cultural programme. There are so many benifits for example Stage dearing, Talking ability and Personality development. The programmes names is as followes.
        1.        Lockmanya Tilak Jayanti
        2.        Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
        3.        Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
        4.        Lalbahaddur Shastri Jayanti
        5.        Annabhu Sathe Jayanti
        6.        Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti
        7.        Every International Programme

5.        Competition of Students
                To keep sound mind and sound body we always arrange co-curriculam programme in our college, in this way we find the knowledge of students and their  eligilibity in every stage.       

        1.        Debeting
        2.        Essay Writting
        3.        Competation (Game)
        4.        Cultural Competation
        5.        Other Competation

6.        Details of Examinition
        1.        Exam head office         -       Pune
        2.        Exam Centre                -        Hadgaon Dist. Nanded
        3.        Exam Centre Code No.    -   5892
        4.        College Code                -        5807
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